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University of Mississippi Central Mechanical Plant

Completion Time:       550 Days
Project Scope:           The 11.4 million dollar Central Mechanical Plant serves the University's chilled water quadrants via 30 inch chilled water mains and 18 inch heated water mains. The project included a new building that houses two 1,400 ton water-cooled chillers, one existing 1,000 ton chiller, one 2,000 ton plate/frame heat exchanger, eleven horizontal split case pumps and has room for an additional 1,400 ton water-cooled chiller and pumps which will provide the cooling capacity for the ice storage system. The boiler room houses six 6,000,000 BTUH input condensing boilers, pumps and enough space for two additional boilers and pumps. The roof of the building supports six 900 Ton Towertech cooling towers, hidden from view by screen louvers that allow for adequate free air flow. There is space for maintenance staff, workstations, tool room, equipment repair bench and emergency dispatch staff. The design of the CMP attempts to mitigate the imposing nature of a massive mechanical plant. The location of the building forced the designer to consider human scale and find the appropriate balance of functional requirements with the campus’ formal and aesthetic precedent. Exterior materials match those of adjacent, existing structures in an effort to fit within the existing fabric. The enclosed walls are brick-faced, concrete block cavity walls with damp-proofing and rigid insulation in the air space and cast stone accents. The roll up glass doors present the mechanical equipment as if on display for viewing by students and patrons.

University of Mississippi Center for Manufacturing Excellence

Completion Time:       670 Days
Project Scope:            HVAC & Plumbing.  The project consisted of two 150 ton air cooled chillers and approximately 72,000 CFM of air handlers and necessary ductwork.  Mechanical room includes chilled and heating water pumps.  The factory floor included dust & Carmon exhaust collection, air supplies and other utilities.  The plumbing scope consisted of all drains, restrooms and domestic water piping.
Project Summary:  The University of Mississippi and the State of Mississippi, with the collaboration of Toyota Motor Corp., have created the Center for Manufacturing Excellence (CME), a center unique in its educational focus on undergraduate manufacturing education. The CME brings together the Schools of Engineering, Business Administration and Accountancy and the College of Liberal Arts to provide students the technical skills involved in successful manufacturing along with an understanding of accounting, communication, human resources, leadership, management, and marketing.    The Center for Manufacturing Excellence is housed in a new building located between two of the buildings of the School of Engineering (Carrier Hall and Old Chemistry) on the Lyceum Circle. The 47,000 usable square-foot building has three floors. The first floor houses a 12,000-square-foot “factory floor,” along with three classrooms; the other two floors provide office and meeting space for faculty and students.  Construction began on March 16, 2009, and was completed January 2011. 

University Of Mississippi School of Law

Completion Time:     730 Days

Project Scope:            The project consisted of HVAC and plumbing for the facility.  HVAC included approximately 500 Tons of cooling with 171,000 CFM of air handlers and ductwork.  Heating is provided by three – 2000MBH high efficiency boilers.  Plumbing included domestic water and sanitary sewer for all restrooms and drains.
Project Summary:     University of Mississippi Law School consists of a new 165,000 square foot building.  This new building houses the Law School and Law Libraries for the University.  This is a LEED certified building designed for a total of 2,283 occupants.  This is a state of the art classroom and faculty office building.  Practice courtroom and law libraries are available to the students.  This is a grand building located on one of the most frequently used entrances to the campus.  People entering this building are greeted by a 3-story foyer with stone and tile floors.  This project was completed in December of 2010.




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